I love a good political debate, and one like this one between President Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a Republican from Kentucky, has been going on since at least last month.

That debate is a classic example of how debates can create a public discourse, even if the participants are not politicians.

This one, between the two senators and their respective Democratic counterparts, is a little different.

The debate was moderated by Mark Halperin of NBC News, and it’s a pretty solid affair.

Both sides are in good positions, and both sides are clearly arguing for their position.

But it’s the way that Paul and Trump have handled it that is the most interesting part of this debate.

First, Paul made a big mistake in claiming that he would be a “great” president if he were president.

That’s a claim that the other side has made before.

And if that’s the case, it’s an important point for Trump.

For Trump, a “good” president is someone who is able to win elections, because that’s what the electorate wants.

Paul has made a different claim, and that is that Trump would be “a disaster” if he wasn’t president.

So he is wrong, because he has not yet been elected president.

Trump was elected in 2016.

And even though he has a long way to go to get there, his presidency has been good.

For the most part, Trump’s presidency has looked pretty good so far.

For instance, Trump has cut unemployment down, he’s raised wages, he has brought back manufacturing jobs, he is making great progress on trade agreements, and he has increased trade with countries like China.

The big question for Trump is how well he will actually be able to get his agenda through Congress.

And Paul is not sure whether he is going to be able or willing to make good on his promises to cut spending and raise taxes.

Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.”

The way Trump’s message is framed, this is a good, great America.

This is a country that has a lot of opportunity, which is a great thing.

It is a society that has been doing so well for the last two generations.

It’s a society with high standards of living and it is a government that works for all Americans.

It would be really hard for Trump to deliver on all of these things.

Paul doesn’t have a clear answer on what he would do as president, but he does have some ideas about how to fix America.

Here are some of the things he has in mind.

Cut the deficit.

Trump has made cuts to the federal government that he claims are needed to balance the budget.

He has proposed reducing the federal deficit by cutting spending, but that’s not really enough to keep the country’s deficit under control.

Paul is concerned that Trump is making the deficit bigger than it needs to be.

He wants to reduce federal spending, which means he wants to cut taxes and he wants some sort of spending cuts to come.

He would cut taxes to pay for that.

And he has proposed making the cuts by lowering the corporate tax rate to 15 percent from the current 35 percent, which would be good for businesses.

He is also proposing a reduction in military spending, cutting the number of troops in the military, and cutting the size of the Army.

This will help to keep Americans safe and make our military stronger.

He also wants to increase defense spending and he would give more military spending to the states, which are very good for the states.

He says that we need to increase spending on education, but Paul wants to put more of that money into the pockets of students, not in the pockets, of the richest people in the country.

He said that we should be investing in research and development and education, which will increase the economy, but this will only increase the deficit, because the tax cuts won’t come out of the pockets.

That is not good for our economy.

Paul would also make cuts to foreign aid.

This would be bad for America, because it is not only money that we are giving to the developing world.

It also provides assistance to the middle class.

The biggest problem with foreign aid is that it is often a big welfare program for countries that are struggling, like Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan.

So Paul is proposing cutting foreign aid to those countries, as well.

He’s also proposing to reduce the amount of military aid that is given to the countries in which those countries are in trouble, including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and Egypt and Turkey.

He doesn’t say what that means in terms of spending, because we have not seen the details of his proposal.

He did say that he wants an increase in the minimum wage.

The minimum wage is not a lot, but it’s good for some people, and for the poor it’s going

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