The most popular lawn care product in the U.S. is the lawn mower, and for good reason.

But a new survey by Lawnmower Analytics suggests that there’s another option you may not have considered.

The survey showed that people spend more time and money on lawn care than on garden or vegetable maintenance, and this trend is expected to continue.

The results are based on a national survey conducted by LawnMower Analytics, a firm that works to better understand how lawn care affects our well-being.

The company surveyed 1,200 U.K. residents, and surveyed a representative sample of U.B.C. students and faculty.

The survey found that lawn care spending increased by an average of 7% annually over the past decade, but the biggest spike was during the last few years.

The lawn care market was worth $2.2 billion in 2015, and lawn care expenditures have grown from $2 billion to $2,636 per person over that same period.

Lawnmower surveyed a sample of 8,898 respondents, which includes people who work full time, volunteer, and are part of a community garden, or those who work for a business or organization that has a contract with a private lawn care provider.

In the United States, the number of people working full time on lawn maintenance has increased from 6% in 2014 to 11% in 2015.

There were also 3.8 million people working in lawn care as of 2015.

The average time spent on lawn work has increased to 4 hours per week from 3.4 hours per month in 2014.

The growth in lawncare spending has come largely as a result of the popularity of lawnmowers.

In 2014, a study conducted by the University of Michigan found that people spent $3.3 billion on lawn mowers, while in 2015 it was reported that lawnmower spending was estimated to be $2 trillion.

According to Lawnmow Analytics, this is because of increased availability of lawn care products and the demand for lawn care services.

A growing number of businesses are turning to lawn care for their employees and their customers.

The Lawnmowers survey showed the trend is going to continue, with lawnmowing usage expected to grow at an average rate of 9.1% in the next five years.

Accordingly, Lawnmover recommends that everyone, whether they’re working full-time or part-time, look for ways to minimize lawn care costs by following these tips:If you can, plan ahead to have a good grass and leafy lawn each year.

It can be helpful to have at least one full-size lawn mowing machine for your lawns to help you minimize costs.

This should be an annual expense for most people, and should be a significant part of their annual lawn care plan.

When you’re at work, have a lawnmow with you, or a lawn mow you own.

If you have a large yard, this can help reduce lawn care expenses.

It’s also a good idea to have an employee mow your lawn every week for the year.

This will allow you to keep track of the costs and make sure you’re paying them properly.

It helps to buy a lawn brush to use for lawn mending.

This is a great purchase for those who don’t have a yard mower and are looking to keep the grass and leaves in place.

You can also purchase a set of spray cans to help mow the lawn more efficiently.

These can also be purchased for those in need of more than a little help.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re not getting any benefit from your lawn mowed lawn, you may be better off just keeping the grass free of debris and leaves.

This means mowing the lawn every two weeks.

If the lawn is growing out of control and you have the mower at your disposal, you can take it out every week.

However, lawn care can be expensive.

For instance, you might be paying about $150 for a lawn service, such as watering your lawn or mowing.

If you’re looking for ways of saving money and you’re able to find some savings at the local grocery store, you should consider saving money by purchasing some lawn supplies.

If your store doesn’t carry lawn products, there are many online stores that sell lawn products.

Another option is to take advantage of coupons.

The National Farmers Insurance Agency, for instance, offers a rebate on its own and other companies do as well.

To reduce the cost of lawn maintenance, it’s important to keep a close eye on your lawn.

This can be done with a lawn watering tool, a lawn sprayer, or simply by using a lawn sprinkler system.

A lot of people are taking advantage of a free and easy-to-use app called Mowerbot.

Mowerbots app has all of the essential lawn care tips covered, but it also includes a live chat feature that allows you to

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