The latest trend in fireplace décor has been the move to wood or stone instead of wood-burning fireplace starters.

That may sound counterintuitive, but the idea is not that much different from the idea of building a fire from scratch.

In fact, it’s the same idea that helped the British build a large number of mansions with fireplace grills in the 17th and 18th centuries.

That tradition has since been superseded by the modern fireplace, but you can still use wood and stone grills for fireplaces, whether you’re using a traditional fireplace starter or a more modern stove.

There are other reasons to use a traditional wood-fired stove.

They’re quieter, more fuel-efficient and, according to the U.S. National Fire Protection Association, they’re less likely to spark a fire.

There’s also a reason why some people think the use of a fireplace starter is wasteful: You have to keep the fire going.

When you turn a wood-fire fireplace starter on, you’ve basically got to keep your hand on the chimney to keep things going.

But if you turn it off and leave it unattended, it will eventually go out.

So there are some benefits to not using a fireplace, even if it’s a wood fire starter.

The main one is that it makes it easier to get to work on time.

The other main benefit is that you can keep the flame going, which is much easier to maintain if you keep the flames burning.

Wood-fired fireplaces are lighter than a fire that is fueled by natural gas or propane, which can burn much hotter.

But that’s because the natural gas and propane burn hotter, too.

That’s because you need to keep heat in the air at a very high temperature to keep it going.

So wood-furnace starters work by keeping the air heated enough to keep flames burning but not so hot that they ignite.

That means they won’t catch fire, but they won to a certain extent.

Wood burning also makes them less efficient, especially when it comes to keeping flames lit.

But the main reason why they’re lighter than gas and oil-burning fireplaces is because they’re made from wood, which burns at a higher temperature than coal.

That makes wood fires much more efficient than natural gas, which relies on coal for its energy source.

But natural gas also requires a lot of coal to run.

A fire burning in a wood stove is much lighter, too, so you’ll burn more fuel with it.

In the long run, that also means that you’ll have less fuel for a bigger fire.

But even if you do have a larger fire, you’ll still burn a lot more fuel than if you use a gas or oil burner.

When it comes time to cook dinner, the first thing you want to do is heat up the oven.

So if you’ve got a fire going, you can put that in your oven to cook the meat.

But with wood- or wood-grilled fireplaces like this, the wood and the wood are burned in separate layers, which means the meat won’t be ready until the last minute.

The next step is to cool the fire down.

That usually takes about 20 minutes.

After that, you want it to stop burning and start breathing again.

And that’s what happens when you put the wood on top of the gas-burning burner.

That is the key to cooking at a fire, said Chris Bostwick, who works at the National Fire Prevention Association’s National Center for Natural Gas Research in Dallas.

The wood is just getting warm, so the wood can get hot enough to melt the oil.

And if it does, that oil burns at the right temperature, so it’ll burn hot enough for you to start cooking the meat on top, Bostwald said.

You also want to make sure the wood is not burning too hot.

The problem with wood fires, Bop is worried, is that they’re more likely to start a fire than gas-fired ones.

And the reason is that wood burns hotter, Bontwick said.

The oil that is being burned, however, can also get hot, and that’s where the problem comes in.

“You’re going to have that very hot oil, which could be toxic and burn up the entire room,” Bostwink said.

“That’s why you’re trying to get it to cool down before you start cooking.”

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