The newest and most expensive home in Washington is owned by a multimillionaire who recently left the city.

But it is a house on the market for the bargain price of $2.9 million.

It sits on a quiet street near the Capitol, just a block from the White House, and is one of only three houses in the city to sell for less than $2 million.

The other two are in Bethesda and Bloomingdale’s, both of which are owned by Robert and Susan Sperling.

The Sperlings, who live in Bethesda, bought the house in 2011 for $1.8 million, but have spent the last three years trying to sell it at auction, after a failed effort in 2013 to raise $100,000 to buy the house.

Robert Sperlin, the heir to the Sperlings’ fortune, bought it for $2,935,000 last year.

He is a former chairman of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and has a stake in a group of companies that make high-speed rail lines.

He said he hopes to turn it into a museum, which could make it the nation’s most popular museum.

The house is in the heart of Bethesda, a city with a long history of being home to many prominent Democrats and liberals.

When the Spermlings purchased the house, they were able to do so because Bethesda was one of the few areas in the nation where Democrats were still strong in the suburbs, a place where most families did not own a home, the Washington Post reported.

The area was also known as the “Silicon Valley” because many companies had their headquarters in it, but the Speringlis are not Democrats.

Robert and his wife, Susan, who have a 10-year-old daughter, bought their first home in 2004 for $900,000.

They bought the home in 2008, according to a Washington Post article from 2013.

They are not millionaires.

But they have a great house, a lot of children and their home is very picturesque, which is rare in Washington.

Robert is a Democrat, so they bought it with a lot less money than they would have spent on a typical home, said Matt Mazerovski, who is managing the SPerling home sale through the National Association of Realtors.

They have had several attempts to sell the house since the SPERlings purchased it in 2011, Mazerowis said.

The first attempt to sell on eBay in December 2013, when the SPers were still struggling to raise the $100 million needed to buy it, was successful.

But after several unsuccessful attempts, the Spers were unable to raise any money for a sale, and the auction ended in September 2014.

A year later, the couple sold the house to a friend for $3.5 million.

That person is still trying to raise money for the house’s restoration.

The family recently sold the home to a family friend for more than $6 million, Maserovski said.

It’s not clear if the SPS and the family will try to raise funds for the restoration.

“We think it’s the right thing to do,” Maserowis told the Post.

“It’s going to be a really nice, quiet house.”

But the S perls, who are wealthy and have never held public office, are a minority in the Washington area.

The median household income in Washington in 2016 was $63,000, according the Washington Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The couple owns the house for $250,000 and are paying $40,000 a year in rent.

The new home is only one of several properties in Washington owned by people who have been able to sell their houses for relatively low prices.

The most expensive house on eBay is an $8,500,000 home in a suburb of Baltimore, where it is currently for sale for $5,000 less than the asking price, according

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