A holiday season filled with cheap and cheerful gifts is now ending.

As Christmas shopping has turned into a long, slow grind, a group of British holidaymakers is starting to make the most of their time off. 

A week before Christmas, three Britons are on holiday at the same time in the US, Canada and New Zealand. 

The three, known only as The Black Keys, are heading to the US this year and have taken advantage of a loophole in the tax rules to buy up to 40 pounds ($54.25) worth of gifts from a number of retailers, including the biggest chains in America.

The trio is not alone in the holidaying craze, with shoppers from around the world taking advantage of loopholes to get gifts for themselves and their families. 

They have been posting videos of themselves at malls in the United States, and even travelling the world with their families, with their gifts piled up in the trunk of their cars. 

“I’m going to take it everywhere I can,” said Kelsey, from Cheshire, who filmed the videos on the side of the road, while she was on holiday in the city of Toronto. 

As the holidays approach, this is the best time to start stocking up.

The Black Keys are now going from selling £60 worth of clothes on Christmas Eve, to a full Christmas wardrobe, with gifts ranging from a £20 Christmas stocking to a £300 Christmas cake.

“I think the holidays are the best,” said Kelsey.

‘We can do it on our own’ Kelsey said she had taken part in a number different charity auctions, but her latest experience was the best. “

We are a very relaxed bunch, we don’t expect to get any more than that, so that’s what makes it so wonderful. 

She said she felt so grateful to be able to donate her own clothes to charity, and was not worried about having to pay tax. “

It was a fantastic experience,” she said. 

She said she felt so grateful to be able to donate her own clothes to charity, and was not worried about having to pay tax.

“My mum will probably be very proud of it,” she added. 

However, Kerri has a different view of Christmas. 

When she was a teenager, she was told that her parents would only be able afford to pay the rent if she had a holiday with them. 

Instead, Kerri’s parents took her to a nearby mall and bought her Christmas presents for £3 each. 

Her mum was so pleased with the gifts, she took them to the mall and said they would be going shopping for more. 

Keri then went to the Christmas market to buy more gifts, which she said she never had the energy to buy in the first place. 

 “It was so easy to just buy it all and get it all for free,” she explained. 

And Kerri has not had any problems at all. 

Despite spending much of the past year at home, she is already making a Christmas budget for her family, as she prepares to buy Christmas gifts for her mum, sister and five-year-old daughter.

“So far we’ve only had a little amount of Christmas stuff,” she told the BBC. 

With a year left in her contract with the supermarket chain, Kerrie said she is now working harder to keep up with the Christmas season.

“That’s just how I spend my Christmas,” she said.

“And I’m looking forward to the big presents, the Christmas cake, the new Christmas sweater, and the new presents coming up. 

(Kerrie) The Black Keys are part of a group in the UK who have bought up to 80 pounds ($104) worth  of Christmas gifts from Walmart and Target.

They have been making a budget, and have already saved more than they spent on the gifts. 

Last year, a family of five spent £4,600 (about £3,200 at today’s exchange rates) buying gifts from Walmart and Target for themselves. 

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There’s no reason to stop shopping and I just think the whole holiday thing is amazing,” Kerry said of the Christmas gift season. 

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