As soon as the last ball was dropped from the golf cart, Ashley Morriss began to realize something was off.

“We had one of the golf carts out on the property,” Morrisc said.

“They had two carts.

One had two golf balls, and the other one had one golf ball.

We called the police.”

That’s when police got on the phone with Morrris, and they confirmed that the golf ball was gone.

Morrism also noticed that the other two carts on the road had no golf ball at all.

“I went out and looked at the road,” Morris said.

Morris and her daughter, who are not in the car, saw the golf balls on the sidewalk and began running back to the golf course.

“The whole time we were running, I just couldn’t believe it,” Morrill said.

The next morning, they were driving to the course and noticed that there were no golfballs left on the golfers.

“That’s when I thought maybe someone threw them off the golfcart,” Morress said.

After contacting the golf company, they learned that they had a “dispute with the golf game and their golf cart was damaged,” according to a statement from the Augusta National Golf Club.

“Our golf cart and drivers are inspected every year and we follow all industry best practices,” the statement said.

That’s why the Augusta Police Department is asking for the public’s help identifying who may have broken the rules and dumped golf balls off the cart.

“Golf balls can be pretty fragile and when it’s in contact with something, it can get crushed or torn up,” said Sgt. Greg Gentry of the Augusta police.

“It’s a pretty big concern.”

Gentry said that the Augusta Golf Club has a policy that prohibits anyone from dumping golf balls.

“In our opinion, that’s not allowed,” he said.

Police said that they will investigate any incidents where golf balls were left on golf carts.

If you see someone dumping golf ball, call the Augusta State Police at (706) 733-7200.

“If someone does that and leaves golf ball on a golf cart for a driver to pick up, it is a criminal offense,” Gentry added.

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