Hanks Furniture is a trendy furniture brand that started in 2008.

It is now the second largest brand in the US, after Tiffany & Lippo.

Hanks has been in the furniture industry for over a decade, and it is the second most profitable brand in its segment, after Kmart.

H&L, the second-largest retailer in the United States, is a subsidiary of Hanks.

They also produce a wide range of furniture items, including beds, chairs, and tables.

It was founded by Jack and Mary Hanks, who purchased the Hanks name in 2005.

The Hanks brand has a very strong relationship with the US military, as they are the largest manufacturer of military hardware in the world.

The brand’s founder and CEO, Jack Hanks III, was a US Army general in the 1970s.

The company’s founder, Mary Higgs, has a PhD in physics and a Master of Science in chemistry.

Higgs has a large stake in the company, which owns a controlling stake in other companies.

Hikes furniture is designed and manufactured in the USA and Europe, and the company is certified as Green.

The furniture is made from wood, with a wide variety of finishes, from white and natural, to black and natural.

Hints of the Hanes name are evident in the packaging.

The boxes have the Hanses logo and the H&H logo on the front and back.

The box contains a collection of the company’s products, including a pair of books called Hanks’ Guide to the American Home, which was designed by Jack Higgs.

Hans is an acronym for Heilbronn, which is German for “heilbarch.”

The H&K name is a reference to the Hochstetter brothers, who were brothers who worked together on a German military rifle during World War II.

The two brothers later founded their own companies.

They were among the first American manufacturers to begin manufacturing in the States, and were among America’s first companies to offer furniture in the 1920s.

Hains name has become synonymous with luxury products.

It has a history of being associated with the brand’s high-end furniture, with the luxury brand H&M being the first company to begin selling furniture in this category.

In 2018, H&k’s luxury brand was acquired by German luxury conglomerate Gewirtz- und Soziale GmbH.

Hanes products are used in more than 600 million homes worldwide, with most of the profits coming from sales to the luxury and professional markets.

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