Wayfair furniture sales are the latest example of the way that consumers are changing the way they spend their time.

Wayfair, the largest furniture retailer in the world, recently launched its “Fiber and Luxury” program, which is designed to turn homes into living rooms with a collection of furniture from the likes of Ikea, Lululemon and other big name retailers.

The program offers homeowners the option to purchase a custom-built flooring from an array of brands including Lulules and Ikea.

The program is designed specifically for older, single-person homes.

“Fiber is a great way to enhance the living spaces of our customers,” said John Stoeckle, president of Wayfair’s U.K. division, in a statement.

“It’s great for their home, it makes it more enjoyable to be there, and it gives us an opportunity to bring our customers new ways to live.”

The fiber line is not the only way that Wayfair is giving consumers a new way to live.

The company is also building a new indoor garden in a former shopping center in the city of Coventry, England.

This is not Wayfair 2.0, though.

Instead, Wayfair will be offering a fiber garden that has been designed to take advantage of the energy-efficient technologies found in electric vehicles, said Chris Jones, chief executive officer of Wayward Farms, a company that will oversee the development of the garden.

The fiber garden will have a capacity of 40-square-feet, Jones said.

Fiber will not be the only source of energy used in the fiber garden, though, according to Wayfair.

The entire facility will also be powered by solar panels, and Wayfair plans to install an automated solar system in the garden to capture the sun’s energy.

With the Fiber and Luxuries program, WayFair is creating a unique opportunity for customers to live their life differently, Jones added.

I can see this being a huge asset for us and the way we can continue to grow our business.

“Wayward Farms will be working with a local utility company, which will provide energy for the fiber and solar systems, as well as power and heat for the home, Jones told Business Insider.

If all goes according to plan, Wayward will have fiber and sun systems in operation in the first quarter of 2020, and by the end of the year, it will have installed more than 2,300 solar panels in the home.

In addition to the fiber line and the fiber solar system, Wayland Farms, the company’s parent company, also announced that it will be opening a new home in Coventry in the fall of 2020.

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