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Now Playing Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner speak out on the death of their father Now Playing China and North Korean officials say they will not negotiate on a long-term deal Now Play Donald Trump signs climate change legislation Now Playing President Trump says he will veto the bill Now Playing US military plans to withdraw from the Paris Accord Now Play Trump and Xi Jinping meet in Vietnam Now Playing How to keep your home energy costs under control Now Playing A look at the Trump administration’s climate change agenda Now Playing Scientists say the United States could be on track to become a third-largest carbon emitter in the world Now Playing North Korea says it will not sign an international climate pact Now Playing Saudi Arabia’s top scientists call for a moratorium on fossil fuel investments Now Playing Is it time for Trump to withdraw the US from the landmark climate accord?

Now Play US military to withdraw troops from the G20 Summit Now Playing The Trump administration is preparing to exit the Paris accord Now Playing More than 1,000 US military members will leave the United Nations climate change conference Now Playing South Korea and Japan to discuss climate change in Tokyo Now Playing Top Trump officials say China is threatening US troops at the UN climate change summit Now All About Climate Change: Climate change: What we know Now Playing U.S. officials say a global climate agreement is not possible Now Playing Are Trump and Chinese leaders at odds over climate change?

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